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Friday, July 9, 2010

Boats and Hoes.

Oh look here, I decided to take some time to fill you all in on life..

Lyndsay got free tickets to Bonjovi yesterday. She doesn't like him so me and Jason are going. I'm more excited to see Kid Rock because he's opening. I'm going to wear a wife beater, get drunk on cheap beer, start a domestic dispute and make Kid Rock proud :)

So this lady at work is talking about how she won tickets to see Lary the Cable Guy once and she thought he was very "distasteful". HA. I love Larry the cable guy! I think he has the cutest face too. No.. like for real. Google him and look at a picture of his face, he's got a cute face.

Oh good news. I think I found some food that Frecks isn't allergic to! She's clearing up right now and I'm hoping it's because of the food! Poor girly and her awful dry skin. I feel so bad for her.

The last couple days my knees have been mega sore. That's not cool. I had a hockey game on Tuesday and it's the first time I've been on skates for about 2 months. Needless to say I feel it EVERYWHERE. I thought I learned my lesson - Do not take time away from hockey no matter what. It's always ugly and painful when you have to go back. Let me tell you what is still sore: my ankles, my knees, my quads, my abs, my back, my shoulders, the palms of my hands under my thumbs and my neck.

...I ONLY TOOK 2 MONTHS OFF! And it's not like I was sitting at home on the couch the whole time! I have been more active this summer than I have ever been any hockey season and no matter what you do you can't prepare for the back to hockey pains. I remember my last year of boys hockey my dad started us off with conditioning camp.. EFF that was the worst 2 weeks of my life. Needless to say, I was conditioned. The guy that ran the camp used to play in the NHL I don't remember his name but MAN did I hate him every day of that camp. He made me puke 4 days in a row and being the only girl I had to go back and keep up with the boys! ...Dick move.
-This is why I never stop playing hockey all year.

Anyways, enough of my whining. I'll be good to go next game now that I got that one out of the way.

So next weekend is the muthalovin' stampede! HOLLY MACKEREL I'm excited! I finally get to see Jason Aldean! BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a sunburn on Canada Day (me.. with a sunburn?! Surprising, I know). Today it is super itchy, that's annoying. I also got a box paper cut between my toes when I moved in with Lynds and it's super itchy too. I hope that means it's healing not that it's infected and I'm about to loose my baby toe! Because that would suck.

Okay bye.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Do your ears hang low? Do they waddle to and fro?

Apparently I don't write enough. I guess you can't make everyone happy. I'm sorry I'm such a failure guys. You know who you are.

So I defenatly found something out today. Warped Tour is in Edmonton August 5th. It has been my lifelong dream to go to Warped Tour... Just so you know. What's even more exciting is whose going to be there. Alkiline Trio. It has been a separate lifelong dream to see Alkiline Trio. Therefore if you can't find me on August 5th, I'm probably at Warped Tour staring deep into the soul of Alkiline Trio. But I'm not creepy or anything...

What to talk about...hmm..

So here are 100 words from me to you...

South raisin blue kitty shoe knob garden follow near ram jiggly telephone equator pancake ticket yes movie bicycle water sticky crude scared fall noise nose ewok brain tender book satchel mitt bruise unicycle crock ink robot snapple keys pink fly tiny blueberry capture photo elephant what magnum surprise wink roll stinky feeble dump welcome think tree lego sun magic wrote scan office jolly mouse glass flash tank rapture wrong ding pastel ridiculous thirty clock ball completely salt itch arrow newspaper plop doggie get vision tick rain rocks lights tissue thunder cherry magazine tacky paperclip hockey pencil basket flower fork cloud.

That's what 100 random words from my brain sounds like. Strange. Maybe you should try it, it's not as easy as it looks!

Go now.

Hey read this... http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/Environment/2010/06/02/14223606.html
My first thought.. Oh great, first I have to worry about sharks on a daily basis, now this thing. IT WALKS. It will be the end of life as we know it. Good luck surviving.

Okay bye.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Holy turds!

Goodness gracious, there are so many concerts coming up I would LOVE to go to. Buuut I need to save my money for all the fun and exciting trips coming up. You know what else would be fun and exciting? Tom Petty/Joe Cocker. Or maybe Meatloaf. EFF I want to go. Hm let's explore my options: Rent or Tom Petty? Well I've already seen Tom Petty and I do enjoy having a house.. But I do love Tom Petty...

Okay let's try again: Car payment or Meatloaf? YIKES I think Meatloaf is going to take this one... I missed him last go round and I would LOVE to see him! Ohhhhh what am I going to do what am I going to do what am I going to do?!?

I know, I'll probably miss them both. Story of my life lately. I used to go to EVERYTHING! Now... next to nothing!

Well I am going to Jason Aldean, but was there really an option not to go? And Carrie Underwood.. Why am I going to Carrie Underwood? I don't know. I would have much prefered to go to Alice Cooper or Tom Petty but I'm going to Carrie Underwood.. Fun :

"Oh you took the words right outta my mouth! ...Wellll it must have been while you were kissing me!" Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Meatloaf, I will see you one day. But until then you will have to stay my paradise by the dashboard lights because like a bat outta hell you'll be gone when the morning comes :( ...Get it? Kuz those are his songs and I just made them like sentences.. Well if you got two out of three that aint bad. Ahhh got you again, that's another meatloaf song!

You're all silly.

So hows abouts them Habskis? Who would have expected THAT?! Defenatly not I! "Ey captian yellow shirt". I think my mom is in all her glory right now because that's her team. And no one else likes them. Well I guess I'll jump on the bandwagon now too. They're the underdogs, Gooooo underdogs! Next year it will be the Leafs and YOU ALL will jump on MY bandwagon and guess who will be laughing.... --->ME<--- Because there will be no room for you because you didn't believe.

Woop woop, GO LEAFS. I think I'm going to get a group together and we're going to go to a game with body paint and then when Phaneuff skates by we'll all lift up our shirts and it will say "I love you". And the "O" in love with be a leaf. ..I'm so creative. I know someone who will join me. He has a crush on Phaneuff. He even has a jersey that he probably looks horrible in. And fat. He should probably just give it to me.

So the weekend is fast approaching. Lame. I don't want to ump all weekend. I had a bad game last night and got yelled at a lot. On the plus side however, I almost kicked the league president out of my game... Perks of the job I guess. He apologized after the game for being a douche rag. Nice guy really.

CAMPING NEXT WEEKEND! Hollllllly smollllllies I can't wait! I don't think Blair knows that Freckles is coming yet tho.... :) Well he does now... She's pretty excited.

So my ankles are still messed right up. For some reason I think I should take a day or two to NOT walk/run/skate. Then for some other reason, I don't think that's going to happen. Well I can't run right now anyways but I sure do push it!

Everything that I got myself into this summer happens on Sunday. I ump all day, then I have a ball game of my own. I also am wanted at my hockey game as well as my ball hockey game. Unfortunately, I am all ball that day and there will be no hockey or ball hockey going on. Not that I could run or tie my skates up around these kankles of mine anyways.

Ha kankles. Funny story.. So once upon a time, long long ago, Lisa twisted her ankle. It stayed swollen for a ridiculously long time so one day when it didn't hurt anymore and it was just swollen, little Lisa very sincerely asked my brothers and I what was wrong with it. First Scott looked at it and said "Holly kankles!" and then I realized what had to be done...

I straightened out my face and told her that she had..... Kankelitus :O *gasp*.

Oh yes, she believed us. Well, for a while anyways. Turns out our diagnosis may have had a few holes in it but overall it was pretty legit. We had her thinking her foot was going to explode or something like that for a while. Yea... we're awesome and Lisa is gullible, what's new?

Hey did you know that they actually took gullible out of the dictionary? Turns out it was misspelled to how they wanted it pronounced and the words definition really made no sense. So they just scrapped it. They now just use the word "innocent" Pff how lame is that?! They took out the word asinine as well. The only two words ever to be removed from Websters dictionary. Weird hey? If the word already exists, why take it out? I don't agree with that. But seriously, go RIGHT NOW to dictionary.com and type in "gullible" and then "asinine" and they will come up "invalid word selection".

I'll wait....................






...Lisa totally just looked it up.

Anyways, I always talk about Lisa and Blair in my blogs because I'm pretty sure they're the only ones who read it usually so I'm catering to my audience. If you DO read it and I just don't know, let me know and I'll throw something in for you as well! ....You never know what you're going to read next!

I think I should go to work now.

Okay, bye.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Here comes the sun...

I just pulled a hang nail off and it hurts now.

So last week I started ball hockey, right. I'm happy to report I am shinsplint free! However, I wish, more than anything, I got them compared to what I'm sporting now. My ankles, ohhh my ankles. I tried to run on them last night at ball and let's just say that the next time I was up I had LisamuthafuckinUrsel running for my pathetic self. I don't know what's wrong with them! I just know that they HURT something awful.

So if my legs are listening right now... PLEASE give me some shinsplints and make my ankles better.

So you like the new picture? Blair didn't want me to put it on facebook so I didn't :) ...Oh? You didn't know it was him under that bushy lip fro? You thought it was me and pedophile Pete? Nope, it's just Blair. But you see what I mean now.. If he walked up and asked you to put your child in his van you totally would, right?

So yesterday was mothers day. Hope everyone had a good one with the moms. My mom and I took Freckles to the dog park. I think my mom enjoyed it more than Freckles! Silly mom. She's the best.

Hey May long weekend is coming up. I'm pretty stoked to go camping. ...If we get a site booked.... hint hint..

I ump a tournament next weekend allllll weekend. I'm kinda dreading it but it's going towards my camping fund so I kinda need to do it! My cousins are coming in to go to the bar on Friday. I smell trouble.

The sun is shining in my window right now on one arm. It feels like I'm getting a sunburn on it. It's good. I can't wait for camping. I wish I could camp all summer long and never come home until it got too cold. But I'm pretty sure that if I did that there would be a few problems such as: losing my job, losing my house and losing many other important things!

So I had this really odd dream last night. I was at this party and I put Freckles in the bathtub because I didn't bring her crate. Then she figured out how to turn the water on and then at the end of the night I went up to grab her to go to bed and she turned into a bar of green soap. So I think the moral of the story was: Don't let your dog turn into soap.

Okay bye.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Thank golly.

Luckily my week wasn't as busy as anticipated. See slo-pitch is weather permitting so it snowed and I didn't have to ump. Now I have ball hockey tonight. Hockey hockey tomorrow night. Possibly ball on Sunday if it's a beautie out. Then onto the madness of next week.

I'm umpiring a tourney next weekend in Sherwood Park. It's a charity tournament so I loose $5.00 a game. Pfffffffffffffff. Oh well. Maybe it'll save a sick kid or something.

So my cell phone got cut off today. That sucks. Guess that's what happens when you don't pay your bill. Stupid car. That's what it all comes down to.

BAHAHAHAHA I just heard the most hilarious story frikin ever. I don't think I'm allowed to say it here though, it might get someone in trouble. ...Just thought I'd let you all know that my day has been made by one little story.

So I was thinking the other night about people. Okay, I know not everyone has grown up playing sports and whatnot but why is it so hard for people to understand that if you belong to a team you have to put some effort in. You can't just always have something wrong with you so you can say you belong when really.. you don't even like playing. It's just been bothering me because I know someone like this. They don't understand what it means to be on a team. This is a vague paragraph because I need to rant but got to keep it low key just in case! You never know who reads this crap!

I saw a billboard yesterday for the Capitals! That means they will be starting up soon! My goal.. go to a bazillion games this summer. I love baseball games. Yep, they're boring to watch but I still just love going!

So I started collecting iCoke pins because when I get 20 I get a free movie ticket. I don't even like pop but since I started, I can't stop! I'm drinking like half the amount of water I used to and I can definitely feel the difference! SO if you happen to but coke of some kind pass along your pin to help me out. As soon as I get that movie ticket it's back to water for moi!

So my weekend is pretty low key, I'm excited to relax this weekend. After last weekend and knowing what next weekend is going to be like, I'm going to relax hardcore this weekend! Too bad the mister isn't home!

Sheesh that boy. One day he's here, the next day he's gone. Story of my life. But it's okay, I see/hear all these people complaining because they won't see their boyfriends for like THREE DAYS :O and it makes me laugh every time. They make me feel better too. If you can't go 3 stupid days... well good luck to you both, you're going to need it.

AND THEN you've got the other girls who seem to think that if you're okay with your boyfriend being gone you must not care about them that much. Well here's some news for you: It works. Why? Because to me it's 100% worth it to wait. ....Think about that you stupid b*tch. Whoa sorry, that got intense. ...but seriously, your a dumb c-word and no one likes you. I hope this person decides to read my blog today and then is all like "wow, whoever that is is stupid!". But I don't think she reads this. ...I don't even think she CAN read very well. She really can't do anything well. Except make other girls look horrible. She's the reason people stereotype women.

Anyways, I'm still on the flower thing so here are some pretty lilies :)

Okay bye!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Welcome Blogetts

I have decided to start a new blog.


Because I realized why I stopped writing in the other one. I wrote too much and then kept trying to keep it up.

Let's try something new...

Ma' Life:

I ate a brownie at lunch, I couldn't finish it. Every time I say brownie it reminds of the note I have from Lisa "I'm sorry I told Stephanie you called her a brownie. Can we be friends again?"
That's how we go. She'll always be there for me. Even when I call someone something derogatory and she tells them and I get mad and don't talk to her. I always come back. She's like my sister from another mister, I kind of have to come back. She'd be lost without me. Poor Lisa.

My cousin just had a baby. I talked to my aunt today and I called her granny. ...Turns out that's only funny to me. She'll get over it, she knows I don't mean it really.

Hey does anyone want to trade me cars? Mine is too expensive. I'm taking offers. I'll specifically take a 2000 Chrysler Neon with the front painted black when really it should be silver and some cheap hub-caps that just bring it all together and make me look super cheap but awesome. But I'm not picky.

It's May. I was really excited for camping. Let me tell you something though, when I looked outside this morning my excitement turned into fear. F*ck off snow.

Well tonight is the big first ball hockey game.. I'm a little nervous. I mean I'm pretty decent at hockey given I've been playing it forever. But ball hockey.. running.. inside.. pink jerseys.. weeeeeeellll we'll see, I'll keep you posted. My shins are going to be sore tomorrow. That's why I'm not a runner, shinsplints. Not a happy feeling.

You know what IS a happy feeling? When Blair comes home. Tomorrow. I like him. He's decent. Also, very good looking. ...Better with a mustache, mind you. But I wont complain. Kidding, I'm glad the stache is gone. Even though our kiddie collection has taken a hit since he's lost it. I had to buy an ice cream truck just to keep our collection growing.

So when it gets really cold out I look at pictures of flowers. It's weird, I know. It just makes me feel better. My favorite.. Orchids. They're beauties. I think that's what I want a tattoo of. I've been thinking about it for a while but can't find the perfect spot so I will carry on dreaming until it hits me.

Here's a picture:

Okay bye.